Where Scott Rigell stands on the second amendment

Where I stand on:

The Second Amendment

In the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, I firmly believe in our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Increasing gun control does little to stop those who obtain guns illegally for criminal reasons, and instead it punishes law abiding Americans by restricting their Constitutional rights.

My father, a hard-charging Iwo Jima Marine, taught me how to hunt, fish, and appreciate the great outdoors. Since being elected to Congress I have joined the Congressional Sportsmen Caucus, which promotes the interests of hunters and fishermen. I have also supported legislation that would allow citizens with firearm permits to easily carry their handguns in other states that issue similar permits.

Whether one owns a gun for defense or hunting purposes, I believe that responsible individuals with proper permits should be able to carry a gun provided they are abiding by the laws of the jurisdiction they are in.

I've learned so much
from Scott. He is
a leader. He is a man
of high integrity.”


- Freedom Ford President
James Church

Scott is serving us up in Washington D.C. and changing Congress."


- Virginia Beach Sheriff
Ken Stolle

Scott does everything on a personal level, he votes on what is right for the district and for America."


- High School Student
Sean Lewis

I've never met a
successful business
person who did
not have a bias
toward action."


- Congressman Scott Rigell

He appreciates everyone, and votes according to ideals and reason, not by party lines."


- Campaign Intern
Arisa Chentaphun